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  • Huaian Yishu Technology Co., Ltd.Huaian Yishu Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • About UsReputation determines future Technology makes or breaks

    Huaian Yishu Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in Huai'an District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu, which is the hometown of Zhou Enlai. The company enjoys convenient transportation with Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Nanjing-Lianyungang Expressway, Yansuxu Expressway and Xinyi-Changxing Railway nearby and the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou running by. It is 24 kilometers away from Hai’an Airport. The company insists on diversified routes and it is committed to researching, developing and manufacturing organic chemicals with research units and chemical enterprises.

    Our products can be divided into four types,The first type is pharmaceutical intermediate bromine products such as Bromoform;Acetyl bromide;Propionyl bromide;Bromoacetyl bromide;2-bromopropionyl bromide;N-butyl bromide;1-bromopropane;1-bromo hexane;1-bromo heptane;1-bromo octane;1-bromo decane;1-bromo dodecane;4-bromobenzyl bromide;6-Bromoveratraldehyde;(E)-1,4-dibromobut-2-ene;Ph osphorus tribromide and etc;the second Phosgene products: Isopropyl chloroformate; Heptanoyl chloride; Dodecanoyl chloride and etc .Amino acids: L-Hydroxyproline;L-ARGININE; L-Proline and etc .velpatasvir intermediate; Sofosbuvir intermediate;Ledipasvir intermediate。We are confident that our products are of both the highest quality and competitively priced. We are looking forward to the sincere cooperation with you.

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